Bitrix24 Crm Implementation


So, you are taking on CRM implementation project. As you are planning your CRM implementation strategy, the question of costs come up. What if we told you that your CRM system implementation budget could be ZERO? Yes, it’s possible, with Bitrix24, the world’s most popular 100% free CRM used by over 6 million companies and sales departments worldwide.

Successful CRM implementation plan

Yes, it’s going to sound overly simplistic, but your best chance of success is if you: A. Start free, B. Start small and C. Do it yourself as much as possible. Any modern CRM system, Bitrix24 or not, is a powerhouse. It has client database, sales automation, email marketing, appointment scheduling, capture form, sales funnels, pipeline management, quotes and invoices and much, much more (for example, Bitrix24 also has full featured project management and website builder as well). Thus, your CRM implementation steps should be small. Try different CRM options and pick the one that works for you. Upload customer data, connect email to your CRM, connect telephony to your CRM, launch test email marketing campaign, etc. Small is manageable.



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